Friday, November 27, 2009

A First Meeting With Malistair

Yesterday night,I went with Iridian and our new friend, Kevin DeathDreamer to go see my old friend Malistair. It was his first time going to the Great Spyre and must have been a memorable moment for him.

As always, the Gurtok wouldn't hand over his death or life rings.(unfurtanatly, Kevin didnt get his) Malistair also wasn't very willing to give us a Storm Hound. A good time was something we did get although.

Kevin and Iridian were nice enough to let me take a picture of the three of us.(Malistair had buisness to do, so he wasn't in it) Here is the picture:

And the out of this world amazing prize I received instead of Storm Hound:

A mouthy Crate of Chickens! The payout may not have been worth it, but the memories of helping someone with their first trip to Malistair and giving him the memories made this worth it 110%!

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  1. It was a great time, lolz. but wow, Iridian's life powers were not ON!