Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I visit my mentor

Me and friend Iridian Willowhaven went to The Great Spyre trying to get our grandmaster rings from the fire bender Gurtok. Neither of got them as always.

While there, we battle the Cyclops (sry forgot name) in the Dragons maw. The both of us had an item we wanted from him, so why not.(I wanted Grand hat, She wanted Earthwalker pet)After a succesfull victory, we got nothing either of us desired.

It was time to see an old friend now, Malistair. The 2 of us were able to activate all 3 crystals(through Marked location of course) and made it all way to top to the big cheese himself, Malistair. Dispite asking nicely, he would not give either of us the elusive Storm Hound.

But, it was a good time. Malistair was even nice enough to let us a take a picture with him. (From left to right: Me, Malistair, Iridian) It was all in all a good time, despite not getting any good items.

Here is the picture

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