Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last night was a trip to see malistair. On this particular trip the line up was Talon, Iridian, and me.

We went through the process of getting to malistair, defeating Gurtoks, activating crystals, killing draconian things, but finally we got to malistair. He was not here long enough to get a picture, but he did have a gift for me:

THE ELUSIVE STORM HOUND! The one item i been desiring! I was and still am enthusiastic!

I also got a picture with Sylvia, who was willing to stick around:

And last, but certainly not least, the picture of the 3 of us in one group:

Thats, from left to right, Iridian, me, Talon(who has his malistair obtained stormhound equiped) A fun night!

(All pictures are click too enlarge)


  1. Talon here, sweet pic, we sure do look good don't we. Those hounds are the best!

  2. malistair is awesome to fight all players at level 30 should fight him

  3. malistair i got my fire cloak if you need to find my wizard101 character its matthew legenddreamer i will maybe be in dragonspyre or wizard city or krokotopia