Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Grand Scheme Of Things

Finally, Jesse is a Grandmaster Sorcerer! And he's loving his Grand gear(all but the ring)! Can't beat a Judgement with 125 damage per pip! Still deciding what the final look will be, but I hopefully will figure it out soon.

In other news, see Selena Gomez LIVE! Coming to a world near you! And by that, I mean see Selena Gomez in the live realm at Crab Alley. You can get yourself a nice Selena Gomez statue and picture furniture items! I definitely suggest checking it out if your level 6+ because this quest is for a limited time, meaning the Selena Gomez pic and statue will become discontinued, never to be obtained again!

Someday, these items could become worth a pretty penny! (If Kingsisle ever adds item trading.) In Runescape, another game I play, an item at first thought useless, Party Hats and Christmas Crackers, were given out at Christmas as a gift. When Crackers were pulled by two people, they gave a random color Party Hat and a piece of armor. That armor was worth TONS of money then and hats nothing, so they were simply discarded. Eventually, while this armor stayed obtainable, hats were no longer able to be obtained, sky rocketing price to what now is over 400 million peices of in-game gold. Thats close to 1/4 the max amount of money you can have in that game!

And I still can't get over the Swiftshark mount! 15,000 crowns($30) is a hefty price tag for a crown item, but without a doubt an awesome mount! Ride in style while dishing out righteousness in the spiral(including soon to come Celestia) with the jaws of justice!


  1. Bailey wanting to catch up with you, but somehow keeps missing...hope to soon, lol!

  2. I wish we could catch-up! But another computer charger died on me and second computer won't play W101, hopefully I can fix soon.