Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Session In Death

Today was Lukes chance to visit good old Malistair! Luke was accompanying Keira Angleflame for a duo run through the dungeon. Gurtoks weren't too much of a problem, with the highlight drop being a level 50 Storm Athame, which will be passed to Jeremy.

Eventually, we made it to Malistair,

Luke received the Balance level 50 robe, and from a bonus boss in one of the canyons, received the Balance level 50 hat, which will be passed to Jesse. Also got another good picture of Luke in his new skeleton outfit!

(Still have the old outfit, complete with stats)

Don't forget to check Wizard101 tomorrow, the possible release date for Celestia as said in this Facebook post:
(click to make bigger)

Hopefully nothing goes wrong, and we will be pioneering the real Celestia tomorrow! Good luck everyone!

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