Friday, November 12, 2010

Skeleton Dragon! And Alot Of Cheesy Jokes!

As I promised in my last post, I have lots of pictures of Luke's trip to level 58. It has taken some work, and soon I'll reach 60 and be a LEGENDARY NECROMANCER! Then do the same for Jeremy and Jesse. Heres the pictures:(all images are click to enlarge)

He's gonna be crabby in the morning...

I've been everywhere too.


Where did the rest of the kraken go?

Wheres Ghostbusters when you need 'em?

Feel my Wraith!

He should eat something, he's just skin, err, bone and bone.

Ya, a spell card would probably help wouldn't it?

Put yourself back together, man!

There you go!

A little dance...

Hey! Say it, not spray it!

And I'm not going to leave it at that! I have a card picture and a video for my new favorite card, Skeleton Dragon!

It ROCKS with a gargantuan, spirit blade, death blade, and dragon blade. add feint in the over time attacks, and you're doing over 1000 damage a turn!


  1. Great pics, its nice to see your journey along the Celestial path :) Cant seem to catch up, was just logged in for a bit... try again later

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to see ya, I'll probably be on tonight.

  3. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

    That's got to be the biggest hit from a wraith I've ever seen. I'd be curious to know how you buffed him that much. And how you stayed alive long enough to do it. :-P

  4. Thanks, glad you like them. It wasn't easy staying alive, I'd say more or less luck. But I think my buff set-up was:(only school cards and clothes cards, no treasures) deathblade, spirit blade, dragon blade, death to life, death trap, Feint school, Feint Necklace, and curse. In the end, I think it was around a 300%-400% damage boost. I couldn't add a spirit trap because I was low on health. Needless to say, that attack healed me back to full health.