Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jesse Dawnwalker Does Wizard City!

I've recently started level up my level one balance character, Jesse,(which I made in an attempt to get a drop, long story) and he is getting along great. He has so far soloed every boss along the way, including Lord Nightshade, which I took a screenshot of:

*Notice Lord Nightshade's 1 health*

Jesse is so thrilled to be a Krokatopia, he is jumping with joy!

Wish Jesse luck on his journey to become a Grandmaster Sorcerer, beat Malistair, and conquer Celestia! It's going to be a long road, but he will make it too the end.

And now, I think its time for bed.


  1. Yo Jesse ~ can't seem to catch up with you. Been on a couple of times last few days :( I'll keep trying...

  2. Try with Your Life grandmaster, i know she has Jesse added, been having hard time going on at night though.

  3. Life grand found you today, but you must have, kept you alive during a fight, but you never responded :(

  4. oh, sorry, ya i have been losing connection lately, same problem I have been having.