Saturday, July 31, 2010

Possible Celestia Clothes?

Today while Jesse was roaming wares in the Bazaar, he stumbled upon a robe called Wayfinder Uniform. I'm not sure if these are Celestia clothes, but almost every aspect points toward these being of Celestia origin.

They are level 50 with no school requirement, first as far as I know of. They are also of an almost Marleybone-ish style (which doesn't look bad actully.) and have some not half-bad stats, with 390 Health, +4% damage to all schools, +3 shielding to all schools, looking almost like crown clothing without the card.

I believe these are Celestia, probably from the new Celestia preview quest(which Luke and Jeremy haven't done yet, still getting to it.) If anyone wants to make their own decision, I took some screenshots.

*Click To Enlarge*

Can't wait to see the theorys over what the rest of the Celestia clothes will look like, and hopefully as promised, we will find out in late summer to early fall what the true look is.


  1. Yea, that's from the Warehouse, from the pre-Celestia quests, so good catch! My Myth wiz wears the Wayfinder Helmet which gives Ninja Pig, drops from the last boss there

  2. Thanks for telling me, can't wait to try the quest!