Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jesse's Final Judgement On Krokotopia!

Jesse has finally beat Krokotopia! Marleybone is next on the list, which in my opinion is hardest(at the level you attempt it at). And not long after getting to Marleybone Jesse reached level 28 and got the quest for his Judgement! He did need some help getting into Chelsea Court, but in the end Balance prevailed and he got to visited by a sandstorm!

And this was soon followed by the receiving of the card!

Gotta love that card! Its now officially my favorite Balance spell! And to celebrate the new card, Jesse got himself a Balance house! This day is full of pure awesome!

Over all everything is going good, but Meowearty better watch his back!


  1. Sry, bad storm here and lost electricity :( Couldn't get back in to finish helping you last night. And GRATZ on Judge, that card rocks!

  2. Its fine, I figured you lost connection or something, and thanks, loving the card.