Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Novas, Deans, And Decodings!

Since getting back from vacation, life in Wizard101 has been going pretty smoothly! Jeremy has gotten a chance to do his Celestia pre-quest and decode the message. I'm glad I got to have done this quest because of well it informs you on Celestia history.(it confused me at first why an underwater world would be called Celestia and have magic based on space elements)

Heres the original message and decoded message:

And in Jesse's neck of the woods, he recently beat the Labyrinth and the Dean, at the same time helping Fallon Skyblossom get her Rebirth and complete Labyrinth for her quest. Jesse has also hit his level 48 mark and obtained his Nova, and soon to be pet Hydra!

Soon to come is level 50, Malistair, a baby Hydra, and eventually, Celestia! Can't wait!

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