Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sky's is The Limit!

So far, Celestia is all it was promised and then some! There have been some problems with logging in and updating because of the vast amounts of people logging on. (I have experienced issues, game won't load anymore data, so I can't see any Celestia NPCs)

I've taken a few screenshots for a little display:
Celestia, Worlds Biggest Fish Bowl!

Ever Get The Feeling Someone's Watching You?

I Don't Want To Meet The Crab That Lives Here!
(we all know we eventually will)

Welcome To Celestia's Latest Gameshow, Crustational Pursuit!

Good luck out there, tough bosses, tough regular guys, tough world! One of my first Celestia battles, I got hit by Helephant on third turn(yes WITH fire traps!) This is truly a world to remember!


  1. Woot, glad your back online! As it's been forever since I've been on, its taking me some time to download the updates. I hope to jump into the fun and catch up with you soon :)