Sunday, November 7, 2010


Celestia is all its cracked up to be and more! Having lots of fun, only thing annoying me are the zillas, especially icezilla. There so far (I'm only at District Of Stars) seems to be a pretty good story line going. Celestia has been extremely hard to solo, so I have had a lot of help to get to where I'm at.

I'm glad they decided to throw in a whole bunch of side quests to the mix instead of just a main story line *cough* Grizzleheim *cough*. But I guess an epic world needs side quests.

So far my favorite side quest is the one I just got in Celestia base camp. One of the Marleybonians wants "The Special", a pet snack mix containing medium fish, stinky cheese and more in between stale bread. Not exactly my idea of a meal. But anyway, you have to collect the ingredients from monster drops. Just thought it was a cool quest.

P.S. ^It gives a training point!^

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  1. Yeah, this quest made me laugh and go, err..nasty. The next one at level 54 made me laugh too. I can't wait to see what he sends us to do at 56? That is if he sends us.. no clue yet.