Saturday, November 27, 2010

Old McDonald's In The Spiral?

Well, words going round about the test realm being open, which is confirmed. Although Kingsisle hasn't announced it yet, neither on the Wizard101 Launcher or Wizard101 Test Launcher. Apparently farming is being introduced, which seems it will be like crafting. Unfortunately, because KI has not acknowledged the opening of the Test Realm, I cannot download it and give more info. Hopefully soon.

In a completely unrelated matter, because of the time I have been putting in the other online game I play, Runescape, I will be adding a paragraph or two about it in every few blog posts and maybe a Runescape item here or there on the site. Of course, I will still stick to the Blogs theme of Wizard101 80%-90% of the time.

And a special thanks to Iridian for the gift, Thank you :)


  1. YW! Trying to catch up with ya, was on several times this past week...

  2. We really need to meet up, we should set a time or something. What if you email through the blog email? Or just give me a quick message on Runescape?