Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Back!

I hate to have been gone for so long, I hope everyone had a great holiday and a Happy New Year. I DO have a reasonable explanation for my absence, but it is long.

Ever since I got my new computer, I have been having Wizard101 problems where housing objects and npcs wouldn't load onto my computer, greatly disabling my playing. After MANY e-mails back and forth with and Wizard101 technical support (who if your nice to, they will be nice back, got e-mail replys back within 24 hours usually, rarely 48) I was given files to stop most of these problems. Worked like a charm! But after the plant update, I couldn't even load the update, receiving a message telling me about error downloading files. After that I just gave up. I know, your thinking, "Ok, ok we get it, very long excuse, just get to the point!"

Ok, no more excuses, but today I decided to try again, just for the heck of it, and it worked! Veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy happy to be back, try out the new farming skill, (which i have some plants growing at the moment, seems like promising update) and adding some Celestia furniture to my ever expanding collection. Most importantly, I'm hoping to catch up with some old friends, one way or another!


  1. I'M A LONELY LOSER WHO HAS BEEN PLAYING WIZARD101 FOR TWO YEARS AND DOESN'T HAVE A Grandmaster yet. If you or anyone around you has a grandmaster account that the don't use please donate to me buy emailing me at

  2. Yo...trying to catch you again, lol. Was just wondering if you ever tried the 'game that shall not be mentioned'? I'll keep logging on W101 daily, and at some point I'll catch ya :)

  3. I know its frustrating with the constant hopefully not though, errors with loading the game, and game play, but its good you're back and able to do at least some thing in game. Don't let it stress you out too much though. Happy gaming!