Friday, May 6, 2011

The Mystery Artist

It’s been a while since my last post! The main reason being, I haven’t played Wizard101 very much at all lately. When my membership ran out, instead of going right and getting a new one, I decided to program for a bit, and now I’ve been programing my server for most of this time. A little Runescape was in there too.

Now I literally just read this as I was typing this post, the test realm is open!(man I need my membership!) This includes Wintertusk, new pets, and new spells! And for all you deaths out there, cards that steal health such as wraith and scarecrow can now have damage enchantments added! That’s something I am personally happy about. There is just too much to cover in one post, so click HERE to see all the new updates being added.

As for the Mystery Artist, I’m pretty stumped. I was thinking Eric Bloom(lead singer of the band Blue Oyster Cult) who does a lot of work with KI. I have ruled out him as a possible artist. Right now I’m pretty stumped. Who do you think the new artist is? Be sure to comment with your thoughts of the Wizard101 Composer.

I’ll try to get a post or two in this weekend also, even if it’s something random.


  1. I mentioned a while back on twitter (just after the second hint was revealed, that I thought the composer was Jesse McCartney. I, even after all the clues still believe it's him. :) So there is my vote.

  2. Btw- nice RS stats. I had to restart my acct there... so I'm a noob again. :D But it's still pretty fun.

  3. Jesse McCartney seems like a great guess. He fits every clue! And thanks, hope to see you in RS sometime!