Wednesday, March 23, 2011

“Something Special”

If you looked on your Wizard101 launcher in the top-right corner, you’ve probably noticed the countdown. No ones 100% certain yet about what it is. Unfortunately, it is NOT for the new world Wintertusk. You can read proof of this here. That’s the comments on The Friendly Necromancer’s Blog. The proof is from staff at Kingsisle, under the name of Lydia Greyrose.

Chances are you saw the countdown at the top of the blog under the logo. That’s the same countdown as on the launcher.

I’m not 100% sure what the new update could be. If you have any ideas be sure to post ‘em in the comments. I’ll be sure to comment back forth with commenters.


  1. new pets have been released early

  2. Maybe its just a HUGE joke?

  3. @Anonymous #1
    It would be cool if it was the level 58 pets!

    @Anonymous #2
    It's possible it could be a joke. I'm not too sure though because it would disappoint a lot of young players.