Monday, May 23, 2011

Seeing the Sights: Wintertusk

Recently I got my membership back, and have been Wintertusk mad since. I just finished the quest for my scarecrow pet last night and am waiting for it to hatch. (won’t hatch till 7:30pm) At the moment, I’m working on getting the new spells. So far I only have Dark Pact:

Dark Pact Card

Its not great, but its basically a balance blade, so it could help with secondary schools. I just wish it didn’t take blades currently on me. I haven’t gotten my next one yet, so I’ll be posting about that when it comes.

The Grandmother Raven is everything I hoped for. She’s epic and introduced in an amazing way. When I saw her true form being introduced, it made me glad Wizard101 developers are finally using cutscenes.

Luke at mama raven (1)

Henchmen have been a huge part of Wintertusk for me in the early boss battles. But now I’m getting back in the grove and I’m having a much better time killing ‘em. One of new favorite bosses is the Yeti guy, Aurekk The Mighty. I just like that he’s a yeti. My henchmen and I still put the beating on him.

wraith vs. yetihelephant vs. yeti

So far Wintertusk is pretty fun. I give you kudos Kingsisle, another fun world. The only complaint I have, is I wish it was its own individual world, instead of an extension of Grizzleheim. It’s annoying hitting home and having to walk back to Wintertusk.

So guys, what’s your favorite(or least favorite) thing about Wintertusk?

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  1. Nice XD I'm not in WT yet but i'm almost done Grizzleheim but need more crowns.