Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming of the Scarecrow!

I've finally got my scarecrow pet! It took some running, killing a decently tough boss, and 21 hours of waiting, but in the end its worth it! I got a awesome looking pet with a pretty good card.

Luke Running with ScarecrowLuke With Scarecrow

Awesome pet. I'm glad to have finally gotten it. Can't wait to get Kraken on Jeremy and Judgment on Jesse. I like how Kingsisle decided to give each pet a unique card from what is obtainable in a Wizards deck. Now that we have damage enhancers, the cards from the level 48 pets just weren't cutting it anymore.Scarecrow Pet Stats

The only thing I wish about this scarecrow is that it either had an extra affect, or it only used 7 pips. With a gargantuan, I could get a regular scarecrow to do more damage with 7 pips.

Now it's time to finish up some sidequests, and start on Nordrilund to finish up Wintertusk. Although that may take a little while as I'm getting back into gardening and pimping out my house.

Have you guys gotten your new Wintertusk pets? What do you think of them? Anything you wish was changed about them? Be sure to leave a comment.

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