Friday, January 21, 2011

Celestia, was nice knowing ya!

Wish I had posted earlier, but I been busy with a programing project lately and haven't had much spare time, but before I started it, I was able to take the time to finish off Celestia for Luke. Throughout the Trial Of Spheres, I learned the helpfulness of henchmen, something I never thought I would use. DEFINITELY my favorite boss yet is the final Trial of Spheres boss, but I forgot her name and a screenshot of her, BUT I did get screenshots of where you battle her! (and an awesome picture of the entrance to trial of spheres)

Theres always that sense of accomplishment after beating a world for the first time, and Celestia has given me the best one yet! An epic world of equal difficulty, it was worth the wait.

I was also able to set a new maze game personal record of...drumroll... 101 snacks! I just thought it was alot, for me at least it is.

Finally, after all this time, my Wraith Lord Shadow is an adult! So far, pet mixing hasn't gone my way, I've mixed Luke's Wraith and Jeremy's Stormzilla twice already and gotten the same result: another Wraith. Hoping for a Tempest, or Grimzilla at very least.

Now it's time to get a few of Luke's oddball things out of way, crafting quests, lizards, that kinda stuff, then its Jeremy and Jesse's turn! And hopefully we don't need to go on the same wild goose chase for Morganathe we did for Malistair!


  1. Gratz! The last boss is Mithraya, btw :)

  2. Thanks and thanks, I was wondering what her name was!

  3. Trial of Spheres was definitely interesting for me, lol. Easier than I though, once I let myself actually play the thing all the way through. Long story...yeah. :)