Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tempest Time

Well, it seems three is the magic number for me in Pet Hatching. My third time mixing Luke's Wraith and Jeremy's Stormzilla resulted in a Tempest instead of Wraith the previous two times. I couldn't tell you how happy I was when I saw this,

(Of course it was 21 hours or something like that when I first mixed it.)

I'm hoping it manifests a power-pip talent and another cool talent or two. I'm planning to raise it soon, once I get further with my current project, which I will tell everyone about in a future post.

Anyway, Tempest is currently my favorite pet. Next up: hopefully a Tempest Hound or one of the Hydra-Wraith mixes.
Heres a pic of Luke with his new friend

In other news, Jeremy is FINALLY done Grizzleheim! Although he was almost done it before, now he is completely done it, Ravens included. It a few henchmen, but everyone got through it alive! Death Raven really didn't like my Myth minion, and every other Raven apparently didn't like Jeremy so it was a surprise the life henchmen was able to keep me alive! But before the Ravens Jeremy hit a respectable amount on the Gurtok Barrier Demon,
That ones gonna hurt the morning... but needless to say the demon went down without too much trouble thanks to a Storm Minion(not henchmen for once lol)

And February 1st the EPIC return of Free Trade and PvP in the Wilderness, something 'Scapers have been waiting over 3 YEARS to comeback. (thank you JaGeX!) So, February 1st won't be a Wizard101 playing day, but more of a 'Scape like crazy, PvP, give stuff away in RS day. Can't wait for it!

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  1. Awesome, congrats on the tempest. I'm currently looking forward to hatching my zilla with my wraith (when I finally get it, lol).