Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project G Revealed!

As I’ve promised in some previous posts, I’m now going to reveal Project G. I know a lot of people have most likely been wanting to know what this is. Well, G stands for Gavin, which most of you should guess is the name for a character. Gavin is my new level 26 Myth character. Its been a goal on my list to make a Myth, and after doing Celestia on Luke, I didn’t want to go right back into it with Jeremy. And just like that, a new character. Although for next few days I’ll more likely be on Luke to level Farming. Anyway, heres some screenies:Gavin Unicorn WayGavin getting card w unicornGavin getting card w centaurGavin on KittyGavin Krok

As more news arises I’ll be sure to post it, hopefully soon I can get Gavin into MB.

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