Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wintertusk and Grandmother Raven

It’s official, the new world is on the way. You can read the official announcement here.

Basically it’s a continuation of Grizzleheim. But this is going to give a lot of insight into Wizard101’s history of the Spiral. Previously one of the biggest Wizard101 mysteries, Grandmother Raven will be featured in this world.


If you’ve kept up with your Wizard101 history, you know that she is the sister of Bartleby, wove the Spiral after the Dragons, Giants, and Tritons broke the original world, and I believe she also gave Bartleby his eyes of the future and past. The eye of the past I think was stolen by Malistair, but it’s never seen.

Also in the news is the upcoming level 58 pets. Lets hope their some cool ones! A pet Scarecrow or Skeletal Dragon would be awesome!

I haven’t been doing much on Wizard101 lately, but I have been doing a lot on Runescape. Gotta love Zamorak Godsword!

Rs Character Slayer Gear

That’s my character in my favorite slayer setup.

But anyway, back to the subject of Wizard101. I’m going to try and get further in Celesta as Jeremy. Then, hopefully Jesse. Once they’re both done, is Gavin turn for some playing, as he is only at Krokatopia at the moment.

One thing I would like to start doing is asking you guys questions to get some other opinions as to Wizard101 updates and such. Just keep it polite.

What do you guys think the new level 58 pets will be? Do you think they’ll give cards and power pips like 48 ones do? And are you looking forward to seeing the new pets?

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