Friday, June 10, 2011

LOTS of Work...

I don't have a whole lot to blog about this post, as most school kids will know that the school years finishing up. My school has us doing a very large and very important project, so I'm devoting quite a bit of time to it.

I haven't had too much Wizard101 play time, but I've done a bit of Runescape and I did get level 4 gardener in W101. Stinkweed isn't great exp, buts it's easy to grow.

Picture 2011-05-31 10-18-46I know its pretty easy to see, but I added tabs to the top of the page. One of these is obviously chat. Although I did add it a while ago, I stay on the box a lot, and of course I could be away from my computer, so if I don't answer don't be insulted. I'll be more than happy to mingle with anybody and see other people talk with each other. Just follow the rules and it can be great!

I saw this link:

which has this picture:

That my friends, is the newest mount. Looks like the coolest yet! It comes in a new item pack in the crowns shop for 399 crowns. Along with this, comes new clothes, new TWO-HANDED sword, brand new dragon pets, and last but not least.... MYSTERY PRIZES!(I've found them to be stuff like dragonfruit and dragon themed furniture.

I spent what crowns I had left on these packs. I was able to get the clothing set, although no skeletal dragon mount or 2h sword.  I took some screenies of the LEVEL 60 VARIANT, so there is more than likely types of the set for lower levels.

Dragon rider hatDragonrider RobeDragonrider BootsLuke dragon set

Looks a little funny because I haven't colored it. It's actually not half bad looking. Not to mention, it has considerable stats to boot. I 'm going to try and scout out the stats of the sword on either the Wizard101 Wikia or Wizard101 Central.(maybe even google if it comes to it :P)

Some pretty cool stuff right? Kingsisle is really bringing out all the stops these days. What do you guys think the next mount will be?

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